Thursday, 29 July 2010

F & G

France and Germany. July 2010. With James and Elnaz. 
Loading up the Golf Plus. 

Navigating our route. 
Stuttgart to Strasbourg. Strasboug to Heidelberg. Heidelberg to Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe into and around the Schwarzwald and back to Stuttgart. 

Stop 1. Strasbourg. 

We really enjoyed Strasbourg. Some of the highlights: 
- Strolling around Petit France.
-The Cathedral. (I thought it was better than Notre Dame in Paris.) 
-Happy hour Scrabble match at a cafe. We watched the commuters bike and walk through the rain. 
- The bad weather gave us the excuse to stop for French treats, pastries, glace, cafe au lait.... 
- Charming photo ops. 

Stop 2. Heidelberg. 

We walked along high street stopping at the old city bakery for an authentic apfel strudel. A little sugar boost before the climb to the castle. 

 Schloss Heidelberg. 

It didn't look impressive from below, but after hiking up to the castle the inside was huge. 

Stop 3. Karlsruhe. 
Our friends, James & Elnaz, had a wedding in Bruchsal so we stayed a night in Karlsruhe. 
While they were at the hochzeit, we had dinner in town. 

Stop 3. der Schwarzwald. 

It was hard to capture the Black Forest, but it was beautiful. There are lakes, ski hills, and sweet little alpine villages in between the valleys. 
Such a great trip! Thanks James and Elnaz for a fun long weekend. We'll travel anytime with you guys! 

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