Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ma and Pa's Big UK trip

In September my parents came for a much anticipated visit.  We went to Norway (a separate blog) for the first weekend and then spent the rest of the time around England and Wales.  It was such a special trip and we had the best time showing the our city and English life. We took them to a proper castle and we rode on a boat on the River Thames. We went to the Maritime museum in Greenwich. (As in Greenwich Mean Time- the starting time zone.) We stayed in a hotel overlooking Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye. We rode the Tube.  We drank pints in pubs.  

Mom and Dad sitting in the rare English sun outside a pub in Worcester. 

In front of the Worcester Cathedral. We went on a tour of the inside. Our tour guide Rosemary was delighted to have a record number our tour-ee's: four.  She said we made her day.  It was Jerr and I's first time in the cathedral.  

Buckingham Palace in the background. They were filming 'Johnny English 2' and so the street was closed. 

Brighton waterfront. We took them there on their first day to walk off the 10 hour flight and help fight the jet lag. Nothing like the sea air. 

Mom and I had proper cream teas while Dad enjoyed a local brew.  Thanks Ginger Pig cafe!

Hiking for a brief time in the Malvern Hills before it tipped down. 

The lovebirds in London.  Oh stop it! 

Mom in the smelly phone booth. She wouldn't go into another one. 

Tour guide Dan explaining changing of the guards. I'm not sure that's what we saw, but we stood around for a long time.  Some guards passed on horses and about 1/2 hour later a band marched by and about 1/2 hour later some more guards and about 1/2 hour later we talked to other American tourists (identified by their white sneakers) who also didn't know what was happening.  We finally gave up.  
Thanks for visiting Mom and Dad!