Monday, 21 June 2010

House Guest.

Bless her, Stephanie was our first house guest.  While Jerr worked on Friday Steph and I walked into Worcester for a tour of the town. We saw the sights and had a lovely cream tea in the Greyfriar's garden. On Saturday we had a proper American breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup, bacon, and coffee. (Tea for the Northern Irish lady. But she did appreciate the smell of coffee- which is the first step.)  For the rest of Saturday we walked in the Malvern's and then had a lovely curry out. 
Thanks Steph for being such a good sport! 

Thursday, 10 June 2010


We moved abroad and did not move any furniture with us.  We brought four bags, a carry on each, and our computer. So.... we needed furniture.  At the time we made the best decision we could, which was a two-seater Ikea couch. Like so.

It looked nice, and was reasonably comfortable for two people to sit on. However, when you wanted to watch a movie and spread out it became awkward quickly.  And finally when I had a terrible crick in my neck we walked into Argos Extra for something different and found this couch. 

From the first sit we were smitten. We had to wait two weeks for delivery and I can safely say:  
"totally worth it." 

It has revolutionized watching TV, entertaining, and Sunday naps. 

Day out in Shropshire

The first Iron Bridge built 1779

Confirmation of date that the bridge was built. We scrutinized the Roman numerals.

We had a day out with our good friends, James and Elnaz, in Shropshire. As it was James' old stomping grounds he gave a guided tour for Ironbridge, Shrewsbury, and all the countryside in between. Nice to see a bit more of the UK.  

Below: Jerr and James. And many antics. 
Jerr's shoes and jeans did get wet in the filming of this stunt shot. 

While playing extreme frisbee James did get stung by nettles and some kind of prickly bush. 

Elnaz and I kept to the path and did not participate in the wildness. We came away with no bodily harm.