Thursday, 9 December 2010


We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with our church group.  Praise God, by some miracle we all fit into our small lounge and even had room to play Turkey charades.  
(After we moved the tables out and rearranged a bit.) 
We have been so thankful for our group and the friendships we've made.  They are our family away from home! 
(From Left to Right: Geoff, Josie, Sheila, Tony, Derek, Kirsten, Jerr, Isaac, Jess, Jane, Joel, and Hanne)

I was so proud of the turkey. Nice little 17lb bird that I brined and roasted. When you spend 30 hours getting it ready, I guess it's natural to become attached.  Jerr said we should have turkey more.  I don't think he knows how long it takes. Last year my one regret was that I didn't make my own gravy.  I used store bought and it was disappointing. So, this year I enlisted the help of Sheila and Josie and we whipped up a fantastic gravy from the drippings. Sheila even came prepared with her own apron and oven mitts.  

The table decorations courtesy of Poundland (aka the Dollar Store).  
And some leaves that had fallen on the ground.