Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Christmas in Seattle

After many weeks of wondering whether British Airways would strike the day we were to fly home to Seattle for Christmas, we changed our tickets and flew home early.
It felt really nice to be home for the holidays. We had a great time visiting with family and friends.
Some of my highlights over trip:
  1. drinking coffee and eating Christmas bread
  2. New Year's birthday extravaganza in Seattle
  3. running errands with Marian
  4. playing with Soren
  5. stopping in at Sam & Linnea's for a chat
  6. getting a 4lb. hula hoop from Dede for Christmas
  7. going to Clinker dagger's with Jerr's family in Spokane
  8. bringing tea and biscuits to VMC and seeing the ol' gang. (I wish I could have scrubbed in!)
  9. singing Christmas carols/ playing baseball in Grandpa's field (too bad my team lost.)
  10. getting new running shoes
Some of Jerr's Highlights:
  1. getting a Costco card
  2. enjoying quality time with UW friends in Seattle
  3. finding a box for the TV and bringing it home with us
  4. spending time with Grandma Charlene in Spokane
  5. spending time in Best Buy
  6. filling a prescription for antibiotics and finally recovering from his cold
  7. discovering the Seven Seas Brewery (the Amber is a favorite)
  8. shooting targets with Dad B and Tyler
  9. driving past the condo and seeing the neighborhood improving
  10. eating a delicious steak at Ruth's Chris
Photo: Hunley's with knit hats from Ma B.